Grow Old, Glow Young: 4 Exercise Tips for Senior Citizens

There sure are so many different things, characteristics and abilities that change in people whenever they age. From the way they look at things, to the manner they respond to them, something matures. From the way they choose food and clothes to the manner they make decisions in life, something shifts. Ageing does a lot actually, but even though that’s reality, for many, and possibly, for you, age is still just a number. Take a look at dear senior citizens who are more physically active than many young people today. 

Amazingly, you will see many senior citizens walking or jogging in the park. What’s more, they are more concentrated and determined to work out than younger adults and teens who have their eyes on their gadgets while exercising. These are among those instances where you will really realize that age is just a number after all. 

Now, if you happen to be a senior citizen as you read this piece, keep going because this is for you. You could be an exercise lover or not, but nevertheless, the list will help you understand more about exercising and keeping fitness and health in check at your age. 

Here are 4 exercise tips for senior citizens.

1 – Consult your physician before working out.

Everybody should do this, but especially for senior citizens, this is a huge must. Consult your physician before engaging in any kind of working out. Visit your doctor, so you can undergo any necessary physical examinations. Why is this important?

Not all forms of exercise suit everyone. There are workout routines that may not be suitable for certain ages and more crucially, for specific health conditions. Exercising is vital for human health, however, doing it must be correct to avoid problems. While working out keeps you healthy, you should know if your body is ready for it. 

Although age is mostly just a number, reality-wise, senior citizens experience a lot of physical changes due to their age. Your muscles are not as firm as when you were younger. Your joints are not as strong as when you were younger too. You easily feel tired and hurt sometimes. It’s possible that you have health concerns that need attention. 

Speaking with your physician before working out is needed, so you can be aware of what exercise routines are appropriate for your age and health. They can inform you if you can use any exercise equipment too. Meeting your doctor is important so that you can get checked, and if any but hope not, health issues can be detected early to prevent further problems.  

2 – Perform light workouts as needed. 

When you call your physician about your plan of doing regular exercise, they will let you know about your suitability to exercise according to the tests you will do. Moreover, they will tell you the degree or extent to which you can work out. 

Typically, senior citizens, like you, need to be extra careful when doing physically demanding activities. If you are like those senior citizens who have maintained a very active lifestyle, you are more used to moving and sweating off; your body is no longer a newbie in moderate workouts, and that’s wow! However, if you are not like that, as needed, perform light workouts. 

Do not force yourself into trying out intense exercise routines and using heavyweight exercise equipment. Especially if the doctor advised you not to carry weighty exercise equipment and not to do exhausting or swift drills, do not be hard-headed. For your own safety and for the best results of your workout, take only what your body can handle.  

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3 – Seek help from professional fitness coaches.

So you can maintain a more disciplined workout lifestyle, seek help from professional fitness coaches. With the assistance of health mentors that focus on senior citizens’ physical fitness, you can be more mindful and focused on your health goals. They are there to always remind, teach and guide you as you achieve your aims. 

Having fitness pros by your side allows you to track your fitness progress too. For senior citizens who are not very knowledgeable about digital exercise equipment, worry no more because fitness coaches are also seasoned in using both traditional and modern exercise equipment and gear. Whichever you want and need to use, you will surely be aided. 

Gaining motivation is not so easy, too, especially for some senior citizens who believe that they are too old to care for their physical fitness. Fitness trainers exist also to encourage you and let you realize that health is wealth whatever age you are in!

4 – Work out with your family.

Exercising is a wholesome bonding activity for the entire family. Let a loved one accompany you whenever you work out. They can guide you, and at the same time, you can enjoy and have fun together. 

Senior citizens in the family are usually left at home while most of the adults and kids are busy at work and in school. It’s somehow sad and boring. Why not spend weekends and special occasions loving every second of exercising together?! That’s a fantastic idea! 

These are moments when you will not get easily exhausted because you are spending lovely times with the people you love. Family workouts can be for all ages! There’s no limit as long as you all want to be healthy and happy together.  


To senior citizens who are committed and enthusiastic about making their body and mind healthy through physical exercises, you are an inspiration! Truly, you prove that age is not a hindrance to being and staying active and fit. Keep going because you can enjoy life even more with such a wholesome lifestyle. You can prevent age-related diseases and gain a more peaceful perspective in life too. Growing old can be glowing young too! 




Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice-over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She also writes for Fitbiz Exercise Equipment, an excellent source of the ultimate fitness equipment collections in Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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