Why Do You Get A Headache?

Once a worker submitted a leave application to his office manager, it stated:

“Today I have an excruciating headache due to anticipated events for tomorrow.” Please allow me two days off, beginning today and ending tomorrow.”

What were the anticipated conditions? His degree results will be out tomorrow, and he had no doubts about his failure. Therefore, the poor man had a headache in advance!

The definition of headache in the large dictionary is as follows: a headache is a pain in the head. Who could have predicted, when the ancient dictionaries were written, that the kingdom of headache would be poised for a phenomenal expansion? This little cranium has caused a variety of headaches! Migraine headaches, sinus headaches, cluster headaches, orgasmic headaches, allergic headaches, and the plain old-fashioned chronic headache!

Having a headache is a source of difficulties or anxiety. Even if the pain of a headache is tremendous and excruciating, you should not be too distressed about it. You must first determine the cause of your headache. What is the underlying reason for your headache? It may have been the food you had at last night’s wedding reception. Then you must endure it for one or two days. The headache will disappear on its own own. Do not immediately use powerful painkillers and antibiotics for a headache.

The ideal job would be one of autonomy! Your prior experience with these sorts of headaches will provide useful information. Sometimes the advice of the elderly on traditional treatments might produce miracles! Occasionally, the agony may be severe, but it is always worthwhile! After the body’s pollutants are pushed out by natural means, which may take a day or two of activity, the headache will go immediately!

Do not overanalyze your occasional headaches; but, if they continue or worsen, do not hesitate to visit your family doctor.