Your Shopping List to Dropping Fad Diets

Seen time and time again, you try to lose weight by doing this diet or that diet, but the end results are the same, you lose a couple of pounds and they come back. Why is this you ask, in most cases, those diets are you trying are designed to take your money and cause you to lose water weight, which will give you a false sense of victory over your little love handles.

To be fair, most people want to lose weight and should in some cases. Everyone should live a healthy lifestyle, where we eat perfect and exercise for 30 minutes or more a day. But who is kidding, that will never happen.

So if the fad diet does not work and, well I am not getting off the couch, my favourite show is on, what do I do now? Healthy eating begins, with your shopping list. That is right, look at your cupboards or fridge and you will see leftover pie, bags of chips and even soda. Midnight snack, you bet it is going to be one of those 3, but what if you did not buy those 3 items, what if you bought banana apples or even almonds.

Sure, at first your gut says nope, not going to happen. Try it and you will see if the only things you have to snack on are “healthier” options, then you will either eat them or go without. Either way, you are not eating empty calories. After a week or two, you will see that you enjoy the fruit or nuts.

When shopping it will take some willpower to buy the healthier options to snack on, but that is the time that is easier than when you are already hungry and want a snack, if you have a choice between a banana and your favourite chips, those chips will fly out of your pantry so fast.

Once you lessen the high-calorie, high-fat snacks your weight will start coming down. Keep in mind, this will be actually weight loss not just water weight. Give it a try, you will see the healthier option is not only easier than it looks but rewarding as well.

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