7 Habits That Wreck Your Teeth

Most people complain that their teeth are healthy, but suddenly they have started experiencing tooth pain, bleeding gums, swollen gums, etc. But the truth is- no problem begins out of the blue. It’s the result of past habits which start bothering your dental health and hygiene. 

You might not notice it, but there are several habits that affect your teeth in the long term. Some of those habits are discussed here, so you can avoid them to keep your teeth white, shiny, and healthy.

Bad Habits for your Teeth

If you have any of the following habits, try to get rid of them now.

Improper Brushing

Dentists always suggest that you should brush your teeth twice a day. But how you brush your teeth also matters. Because even if you brush twice, but don’t do it properly, it will harm your teeth. Improper brushing includes not brushing the entire mouth or brushing too hard or soft.  Brushing your teeth too softly won’t remove the plaque and will eventually harm your teeth. If you brush too hard, it will wear off the enamel, damaging them.

Grinding Your Teeth

Anger is always detrimental. One of its damaging effects is grinding teeth. Do you know how grinding your teeth can be harmful? It puts pressure on your dental roots and can also result in chipping or cracking of the tooth. If you have a damaged tooth, cosmetic dentistry is the way to restore the beauty of your teeth. 

Constant Eating

Are you hungry all the time and keep munching on something every hour of the day? Leave this habit now. Not only do these wreck your teeth, but it also affects your digestive health. Every time you eat, the food lodges between your teeth, causing the bad bacteria to become active. These bacteria increase the risk of cavities. Your teeth start yellowing, and it eventually leads to cavities. Try to avoid eating all the time, especially sugary foods and drinks. Aerated drinks also affect your dental health. Try eating healthy foods, full of nutrients which make you feel full, instead of snacks which make you hungry every hour.

Drinking Coffee

Are you a coffee person? Bad news for you because coffee is slowly staining your teeth; before you know it, you will be on the verge of requiring teeth whitening. Coffee is full of caffeine, and that’s why you like it, but it also causes discoloration. If you drink several cups a day and leaving the habit is not something you can do, visit your dentist in chandler today and learn about the discoloration and how it can be treated.


Smoking not only affects your lungs but its harmful smoke also affects your teeth for the worst. Any tobacco product, be it cigarettes or cigars, causes damage. Long-term use can also cause extreme distortion of teeth. Tumors and cancer are other harmful impacts of smoking. 

Chewing On Ice

Chewing ice is something most people do while having their cold beverages. But it’s not a healthy habit. You might wonder why? You might even argue that it won’t dodge between teeth or leave any sticky residue. It’s perfectly natural and even sugar-free Ice is hard, and chewing on it might damage your soft tissues. You might also crack or damage your tooth. In the long run, you might also develop sensitivity issues, tooth pain, swelling, etc. If you damage your teeth, cosmetic dentistry can help you get your previous smile back. 

Using Teeth as Tools

Biting nails occasionally or regularly, opening bottle caps, holding things in your mouth when your hands are full, or cracking walnuts is something everyone does once in a while. You may not give it much thought, but it can harm your teeth. First, your teeth are not strong enough to be used as a can opener. Also, they can’t work as hooks for hanging stuff which you sometimes do. Biting nails is always a big no-no because your nails are also quite strong. 

So, if you use your teeth for anything other than chewing, leave the habit today. 

Final Words

Other habits people don’t know can harm teeth are drinking bedtime drinks, tongue piercings, sucking on gummy candies all the time, chewing gums for long hours, drinking too many sports drinks and carbonated drinks, and eating salted snacks, drinking alcohol, etc.

Your teeth are meant to chew on soft foods. They are not super strong to handle everything you throw at them. So, if you have any of the habits mentioned above, try leaving them. If you have a damaged tooth, visit your dentist in chandler today and learn about cosmetic dentistry to get your beautiful smile back.