Cosmetic Dentistry Options to Improve your Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry Options to Improve your Smile

In recent times, cosmetic dentistry has evolved like never before. It helps enhance both the quality and the appearance of your smile. Moreover, procedures that are included in this branch of dentistry can also be restorative in nature and help you not only boost the teeth’ appearance but also restore the overall functionality of the mouth. Nearly countless number of cosmetic procedures are now available for your teeth and the mouth. Only a skilled and experienced dentist can contribute to preparing a perfectly tailored treatment plan that perfectly caters to your needs. To cut a long story short, modern cosmetic dentistry is ideal for everyone belonging to any age group. Unlike that in the past, now it can magically boost your self-esteem and confidence.

Wonders of dental implant  

A dental implant is one of the best wonders of modern cosmetic dentistry! It is used as a substitute for your tooth or teeth loss. In easier words, if you suffer from losing a tooth or more of it, whether due to trauma or surgically extracted for whatsoever reason, then implant treatment is a suitable option for you to make up for the lost tooth or teeth. Moreover, implants can also be used to hold a denture in place so that it does not slip off or fall out. The treatment is invasive in nature. A post made of biocompatible metal is used in the treatment. The post is surgically inserted deep into the jawbone. Then it is given ample time so that the surgical wound gets healed as well as the implant post fuses with the surrounding bones and tissues of your jawbone. An implant is a life-long solution and does not need repair or replacement. 

Once the implant post gets bonded with the surrounding bones and tissues a special crown is placed on it to make your smile complete and flawless just like before. 

The option of dental veneers

Dental veneers are all about ultra-thin shells of porcelain that are glued to the front teeth to make your smile appear perfect. The solution can easily last up to a decade. As you must have guessed, this procedure can easily cover up a number of small imperfections in your teeth. The imperfections include a gummy smiles or gaps in the teeth, stained or discoloured teeth, and spaces between the teeth to name a few. Teeth veneers are made to look absolutely natural. No one other than you and your dentist will ever know that you are wearing veneers over your apparently perfect teeth. It is a non-invasive procedure, unlike implants. The fast treatment gets wrapped up pretty soon and is a reliable alternative to more costly and extensive cosmetic dentistry treatments. No anaesthesia is given to patients to undergo the procedure.

Teeth whitening – the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure worldwide

In course of time, the teeth lose their natural whiteness and shine. Mostly our lifestyle and regular diet are responsible for this yellowish discolouration. However, in severe cases, the teeth can become completely stained. Discoloured teeth are known to make a severe impact on one’s self-reliance and confidence. Thankfully cosmetic dentistry offers an excellent solution to the problem through teeth whitening treatment. If hardcore statistics are to be believed it is one of the most popular treatments in the world under the category of cosmetic dentistry and the UK is no exception. You can either choose between an in-office or in-chair teeth whitening treatment and a professional take-home option. The take-home option contains special ingredients to lift or lighten the discolouration. On the other hand, the ion-chair option is performed by a dentist and is meant to make the teeth appear bright and lustrous. The treatment can be done just before especial events like a wedding and also just because you want a more appealing and healthier-looking smile. 

Dental crown

When a tooth has been compromised, a dental crown is placed on top of it to cover up its weakness. In the language of dentistry, a tooth becomes compromised when it becomes cracked, broken or fractured. Even if a tooth develops a large cavity that weakens its structural integrity, the tooth is considered compromised. You are also likely to have a dental crown shortly after a root canal treatment. Root canal procedures leave a tooth weak and vulnerable. A dentist takes time and effort to match a crown to your existing teeth to ensure seamlessly blending. Usually, dental crowns last decades at a stretch and require no special care or maintenance.

Dental bridges are yet another option

A dental bridge is nothing much different from a crown, but it involves several teeth attached to one full restoration. Different types of these bridges are there is existence although one of the most common types involves two abutments that remain attached to the surrounding teeth and a pontic tooth placed in the middle. The pontic tooth just sits on the gum line and has to function like that of a natural one. Bridges prove helpful when a tooth goes completely lost. Dental bridges are usually more suitable for people who are not ideal candidates for dental implants. Just like dental crowns, bridges too are prepared separately for each patient in a dental lab and have to be matched with care and caution with the surrounding dentition.

Reshaping of the teeth

More popularly called dental contouring, it is a cosmetic dentistry option that involves removing a small portion of the tooth to make your smile more lively and appealing. This procedure is usually referred to patients who have small chips at the front of the mouth. If you have uneven teeth at the front with some being disproportionately longer than others, dental contouring also proves helpful in those cases. These days it is pretty easy to search online using strings like “confidential dentist near me” and get access to dentists in the blink of an eye. What do the dentists have to say about this particular cosmetic dentistry procedure? Dental contouring or tooth reshaping is a great solution to makeup minor imperfections. It is ideal only if there is no issue whatsoever with your teeth and yet you feel a little insecure about your smile. Even only a few millimetres of reduction makes a great impact on your smile.