5 Causes of Hair Loss At a Young Age

5 Causes of Hair Loss At a Young Age

Hair can be said to be a crown to a person’s appearance. Hair can make a person appear more confident if the person’s hair is neatly arranged and bushy and black glare. Especially in a woman in adolescence, if she often experiences hair loss, then it is certain that she will be easily stressed, and depressed and her confidence is decreasing.

Do not underestimate also if you often experience hair loss at a relatively young age. Because it can be a danger once and lest you even have a certain disease, which makes your hair always fall out easily. If it continues to be left then you may experience baldness in the head area.

Here I will give you some causes of hair loss in the teens below.

1. Frequent use of hair dye.

In adolescence, you can say that you are deliciously stylish and eager to do something that has never been done. Usually, teenagers often use a paint tool to straighten curly or branched hair. The severity of this can make the hair fall out and be damaged. So try to reduce or never use a hair dye again, in order to keep the health of your hair maintained properly.

2. Malnourished.

Other causes of hair loss are usually malnutrition among these teenagers. So try to increase the intake of foods that contain protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, Vitamin C and also iron. A lack of such nutritional content can make your hair fall out easily.

3. Taking drugs.

There are also teenagers who often take various drugs such as antibiotics, amphetamines, lithium and acne drugs that can make hair fall out. So try not to consume these types of drugs in the long term, so that hair loss can be prevented properly.

4. Rarely shampoo.

Shampooing that aims to make hair clean from dandruff and dirt, then for those of you who rarely shampoo, can experience hair loss caused by the amount of dandruff and dirt that is on the hair. So try to regularly shampoo using a shampoo that matches your hair. As a result, the hair is not easy to fall out and the more well maintained.

5. Prolonged stress.

Stress for a long time, especially until suffering from depression. Then most likely can make a person even though he is still young that is experience hair loss. So try to be able to manage your emotions well. Never take a headache in life in this world, so that you are not stressed and your hair does not fall out easily.

Underestimating something that is considered less important, it can make a person experience a problem. Especially for women at a young age, then in maintaining the cleanliness and health of hair is a mandatory thing to do from now on. Women whose hair likes to fall out will experience problems with their soul, including lack of confidence, minder, sensitivity and irritability.

So many articles about the factors that cause a person who is still a teenager, can experience hair loss.

5 Causes of Hair Loss At a Young Age