5 Causes of Diarrhea That People Should Not Underestimate

Diarrhea is one type of health disorder that feels very annoying and does not let you get this kind of disease. If you have been sick with diarrhea then inevitably you will often pace back and forth just to go to the toilet to defecate. Especially when you are meeting in the office, then you can be disturbed and bother yourself later.

Although it looks trivial but does not underestimate it too, because diarrhea that is allowed to continue, can make a person become weak and dehydrated. Especially in children, then, of course, diarrhea can be fatal for him. Many think that diarrhea can occur through eating too much spicy food. Maybe there is also a truth that spicy food can invite the arrival of diarrhea, but is it only food that can make a person’s stomach affected by diarrhea?

Here are some causes that can make a person stricken with diarrhea, among others.

1. Excessive exercise.

Exercise is proven to make the body healthier and fresher, but if you exercise excessively, it can make a person stricken with health problems. The fact that a person’s digestive system can be disrupted, if excessive in exercising. So get used to doing exercise accordingly so as not to avoid pain in the muscles, digestion, and also diarrhea can attack.

2. Likes to drink alcohol.

People who like to consume alcohol, then he will experience health problems. Usually, alcohol will damage the liver and the ability of a person’s brain to think. Then it can also make a person affected by diarrhea, because of the presence of high carbohydrates from alcoholic beverages, which can later damage the way the intestines work in absorbing food, which can eventually trigger diarrhea.

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3. Wrong type of food.

Food that enters the body can make a person get diarrhea. Intake of foods such as spicy foods, foods that contain a lot of sugar, and fried foods with high-fat content. So multiply the consumption of various types of fruits and vegetables to make yourself healthier and avoid various diseases.

4. Viral infection.

Another problem a person can get diarrhea is because of the presence of a virus in his digestive area that makes part of his stomach feel sick and feel like defecating. Diarrhea can occur due to the presence of viruses such as salmonella enterica and campylobacter that are in a person’s intestines. Try to take diarrhea drugs that can kill the virus so that digestion returns smoothly.

5. Consumption of expired food.

Lastly, if a person even eats food that has expired, it can cause him to get indigestion and could get diarrhea. Stale or expired food of course there are a lot of fungi and bacteria that nest in it. If you continue to consume it, then the fungus and bacteria will enter your body and can interfere with the function of digestive work.

It is possible for some people in this world, do not to consider that diarrhea is a dangerous disease. But it can still interfere with our daily routines and activities. Try to check your condition every week to make sure you are healthy and well.

So many health articles about some of the causes of a person’s self can get diarrhea. Hopefully your important activities every day become undisturbed, just because you feel diarrhea pain. Good luck.

5 Causes of Diarrhea That People Should Not Underestimate